Axiel Haulage VTC

Join the official VTC of TruckSimFM

We are the VTC for you!

We offer so much to our VTC drivers to there is something for everyone to get stuck in with and enjoy.

We're Relaxed!

We don't put harsh limits and deadlines on our drivers. We understand that real life is way more important so you deliever loads, when you want!

Regular Convoys

Our dedicated operations team ensure that each we have convoys planned. Alongside this, they book Axiel Haulage in for large charity events such as Trucking4Charity

Fast Application

Waiting around isnt fun, we know that. This is why as soon as you click the submit button on your haulage application the clock starts ticking. We aim to get you a response within 24 - 48 hours! If we can't process it that quick, our team will let you know so you know whats happening!


Custom Modifications

We create and publish our very own mods for ETS2 & ATS. Most are avaliable on the steam workshop but drivers can unlock more special mods by being within the VTC


Axiel Haulage V3 Trailer

Haul your loads in style with the second official Axiel Haulage Trailer mod. Custom painted accesories such as sideboxes and more.

View on Steam Workshop


Axiel Gaming Remembers - 11/11

For remembrance day Axiel Gaming wanted to show their support. With this clean and simple design it shows repect to remember the fallen.

View on Steam Workshop


Axiel Haulage - Garage

Want someone safe, luxurious and amazing to store your equally as awesome Axiel Truck? Well, this Axiel Garage is the perfect mod for you then!

View on Steam Workshop


We're TruckSimFM's Official VTC?

TruckSimFM is an online radio station which is also a default station in Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator, Farming Simulator 19 & Alaskan Truck Simulator. We were approached by TSFM and were asked if we would like to partner and become the official VTC for them. We were honoured and accepted the offer. Just because we are partnered, we don’t force you to listen to them. You can always truck while listening to Rick Astley on repeat, we wont mind 😂

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