UK based fivem server with over 60+ Emergency Vehicles!

Huh? Whats AxielPD?

AxielPD is our community FiveM server based around the UK Met Police. We have many custom skinned vehicles on the server alongside other role play styled vehicles. Our server is open 24/7 so why not take a look?

FivePD Script

We utilize FivePD, A community built script which simulates a police duty computer, with realistic call outs & more.

Over 60+ Emergecy Vehicles

We love having choice, this is why weve worked hard to add over 60+ emergency vehicles plus many more other vehicles to use!

Community Customization

We didnt want to be like any other server. Many aspects of AxielPD have been custom created to make us stand out.

AxielPD is currently Online with 1 players!

But, how do I join?

Simply join our discord server, type ?whitelist and then you'll then be able to join

Server Guides & Rules

Take a read of these to get started on your AxielPD Career!

Server Guide


Full of handy commands and key-bindings you'll need to know to get the full experience!

Server Rules


Important for everyone to read to ensure the server is fun and enjoyable for everyone!