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Our Gaming Divisions

At Axiel, we want to cover a wide variety of gaming styles and genres. Here are some of our divisions we support and run daily for the community

Axiel Haulage - VTC

From ETS2 to ATS, Our dedicated drivers haul loads all over the globe. Join Axiel Haulage and get involved with regular convoys, events, competitions and much more!

Axiel Farms

It's not all about ploughing fields. We need to get the machinery muddy. Join our welcoming farming division to get behind the wheel of your own big machines!

AxielPD - FiveM

Patrol the roads responding to backup requests, pulling over illegal vehicles & keeping the roads of London safe for everyone living there. You're their only hope!

Our Community Features

We've got everything you need right at your finger tips. Okay... maybe we're missing the cookies but we have other cool stuff

Regular Events

Whether its a convoy on ETS2 or a planned event on AxielPD, we've got it all covered. Chances to win DLCs and prizes!

Committed Staff

Our amazing group of volunteers all committed to deliverying the best for you and the community by helping with the daily running!

Dedicated Support

We have dedicated support channels for any gaming related problesms you have. Need to install something? We can help with that!

Community Suggestions

The community is at the heart of everything we do, this is why we love your feedback and suggestions. We have a dedicated place for this too!

Secure, Stable Servers

Our FS19, FiveM and web servers are securly hosted with amazing uptime so no need to stop gaming through until early hours!

Staying Connected

You can stay up to date with all the latest events and news by following us on our social media platforms. We've got them all!

Community Gallery

Take a look at what we think are the very best pictures our amazing community members have taken and shared with us!

DJ Chicken#6989
The Josh#5645
English Rose |TSFM|Axiel#1114
Little Nugget#0112

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Discord Server

So, want to join or find out more about us? Why not come and hop into our discord server!

Who We Support

We partner with companies & communities we relate to. We don't partner for growth, we partner for support for both us and them! Take a look at the amazing websites below