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The Community Built For You!

With multiple divisions in Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator, Farming Simulator 19, Minecraft and lots more, why not come and join the community today! What are you waiting for?


With our community, we are constantly asking our members what they would like to see and we will try our very best to add your ideas. Very active chats and weekly events in a variety of divisions makes Axiel Gaming the place for you to grow, make new friends and have the ultimate fun!

Staff Team

Our hard working, dedicated and friendly team are always around to help out or to just have fun with everyone. We are all dedicated to make Axiel Gaming the place for you to be. With the community their number one priority, a majority of their time is spent making the community we all love!

Latest News

Axiel Gaming is always looking to grow and expand, with this we will need more and more wonderful staff to help out! We have redesigned our job positions page so you can easily view which positions are currently hiring so you can see if you have what it takes to join us!

Take a look today!

Why Join Axiel Haulage?

Axiel Haulage is by far our most popular division. We were one of the first companies in which added a non limiting aspect meaning you can drive when you want with as little limitations as possible. We also host regular convoys and attend many events so you can never be bored with us. Check out this video from one of our weekly convoys!

Here at Axiel Gaming, We provide game servers free of charge for our community, However many people want to help out and show their dedication. If you ever wanted to help us out you can donate just like these wonderful people.


This was our first division here at Axiel Gaming and the one in which most members join. Why not come and take a look around!


We have our very own Farming Simulator 19 server to provide the most realistic and fun farming platform for the Axiel Gamers!