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“ Axiel Gaming has been the best VTC I have been apart of, the family feeling and relaxed community has been apart of my heart and not something I could get rid of easily!”

“ Axiel is an amazing community to join. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming and we all have our ups and downs but we are all one big happy family like no other”

“ Axiel is a very fun and relaxed community where everyone can have a good time! The staff team is dedicated to making the expirence great for everyone and it really is an awesome community”


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The plan for Axiel Gaming was never this big. We started as a small group of friends in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and did convoys together for fun. More and more joined in and now we have reached the amazing size we are now! We are a community of 350+ members sharing great memories, making friends for life and enjoying having time to play the games we love! It sure is hard work to run this community but all of the staff here want to provide the very best gaming hub for everyone to be involved with. Here at Axiel everyone is valued, from our amazing community of people to the staff behind the scenes, we all work together to provide the best experience possible. Just being a part of our valued community helps in more ways than you can imagine but if you would like to take that extra step we would be more than grateful. The Patron role grants many privileges which work in and outside of the games (see below) and we will be more than happy to see you support Axiel Gaming.