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Social Partners

Meet the Axiel Gaming approved streamers & creators!

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Axiel Social Partners Explained

We want to show our appreciation for the amazing creators within Axiel Gaming, we hope that we can benefit the growth of your channel to!


We wanted to show our partners to anyone visiting our website, so this page has been made just for that! All of our partners are amazing so each time you refresh the page, its displayed in a different order!

Discord Announcements

Discord is the main community base for Axiel Gaming, so we will have a set channel just for you to post your stream or videos for the whole community to see, so no more getting lost in the advertisements channel!

Social Media

We will always try our best to help promote your streams or videos via our social media too, we will like, retweet or share any content made by our social partners, which will hopefully get you more views!

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Whether you a YouTube creator or an avid Twitch Streamer we have it sorted, Simply fill out the form and our team will get in touch! Go on... You know you want to!