Applying for Axiel Haulage

Helpful Information

Name Section: We ask that you send your real name, if you don't feel confortable with sending your surname too that is perfectly unserstandable. We just like to have your first name for emailing purposes.

Job Submitting System: Currently, we have 2 different ways to log your delieveries with us. The most popular way is using VTLog which is automatic, the second way is the manual system. This will involve no downloads.

Email Address: Please ensure you submit a valid email address. We use this to contact you about your application. We wont use it for advertisement purposes.

Age Requirement: We do have an age requirement to join. This is 13 years old however, if based on your application you are mature, we are willing to accept members under our age requirement.

Discord: When submitting your application, please ensure you add your discord ID e.g. "Chicken#6989". Joining the community discord server will also ensure we can contact you easier via discord to.

Application Form

Played Hours Requirement: We look for active drivers, so please ensure you have at least 30 hours on ETS2, ATS or the two games combined. We may still accept you if you're close to 30 hours.

Please Note: We will primarily use discord to get you setup as a driver, so please ensure you join & remain in our discord server so our team can message you if you're successful. Failure to be in the server may result in your application being declined.