Fight mobs, defend your base & survive!

How do I Join?

It's easier than baking a cake... You don't even need the icing sugar!

Add the server

Just drop MC.AXIELGAMING.COM into your server list and join!

Select a Server

Choose which server you want to play on and enjoy!

Join the Discord

Gain special perks for being within the community discord too!

No whitelist because that's just boring... right?


You can suggest ideas!

Like everything in Axiel Gaming, the community can suggest ways to improve and create more enjoyment within the division. Don't like the plugins we have? Okay sure, suggest how we can change it!

Got an idea for a minecraft event we could create such as team builds? Awesome! Suggest that too and we can get that sorted! Whatever your suggestion, big or small we will listen!

You can join anytime!

Our server is open every hour of the day, so even when everyone is asleep, you can go mining, fight mobs or just enjoy the peace and quiet of the minecraft blocky world!

There are no whitelists so that means our server is open to anyone! You can send the server IP to friends and they can join too! But, want more in game perks? Then apply for the minecraft role in discord!