AxielPD Server Rules

AxielPD - Server Rules:

By joining the server, you agree to follow all rules displayed on this page and understand that failure to obey these will may result in punishment.

General Rules:

  • Ensure you obey all Axiel Gaming Discord voice chat rules displayed in discord.
  • Respect all players, no bullying, racism, sexism or similar is permitted on the server.
  • Arguing or fighting with players outside of RP's is not permitted.
  • Advertising other FiveM servers or similar is not permitted.
  • Usernames are not allowed to impersonate other people, streamers, staff or users. You can not have an inappropriate username which includes but not limited to being offensive, explicit or defamatory words.
  • Strictly no sharing of any personal/ private information, including but not limited to: addresses, ip's, social media accounts etc.
  • No tagging game staff for help. Report players using the correct procedures.
  • Spamming voice or text chat is not permitted at any time.
  • The use of alt accounts is not permitted to bypass a server ban. This will lead to further bans from the community.
  • Disturbing any other RP scene is not allowed and will result in punishment.
  • Use common sense.

Police & Similar Position Rules:

  • Ensure you follow the correct UK procedures for Police, EMS etc.
  • Follow all road traffic laws.
  • Use the correct vehicle type for each RP's & Callouts. Use of incorrect vehicles may result in a kick.
  • Shooting from vehicles is not permitted at any time.
  • Excessively modifying vehicles is not allowed as it ruins realism.
  • No excessively repairing or spawning new vehicles.
  • Ensure you cancel speed zones, code 99 after use.
  • Ensure any cones or obstacles are removed after use.
  • Only stingers may be used to puncture tyres. Stingers must be removed after use.

Civilian Rules:

  • Always use realistic vehicles for RP's.
  • If you are cuffed by an officer, you can not run away from the scene. This is failed RP.
  • No using unrealistic vehicles during pursuits. This includes over modifying a vehicle.
  • No repairing your vehicles while doing an RP. Call for a mechanic.
  • Spamming /999 command to get attention is not permitted and may result in a kick.