AxielPD Server Rules

AxielPD - Server Rules:

By joining the server, you agree to follow all rules displayed on this page and understand that failure to obey these will may result in punishment.

General Rules:

  • §1 Ensure you obey all AxielPD Discord rules displayed in #five-server-rules
  • §1.1 Respect all players, no bullying, racism, sexism or similar is permitted on the server.
  • §1.2 Arguing or fighting with players outside of RP's is not permitted.
  • §1.3 Advertising other FiveM servers or similar is not permitted.
  • §1.4 Usernames are not allowed to impersonate other people, staff or users. You can not have an inappropriate username which includes but not limited to being offensive, explicit or defamatory words.
  • §1.5 Strictly no sharing of any personal/ private information, including but not limited to: addresses, ip's, social media accounts etc.
  • §1.6 No tagging game staff for help. Report players using the correct procedures.
  • §1.7 Spamming voice or text chat is not permitted at any time.
  • §1.8 The use of alt accounts is not permitted to bypass a server ban. This will lead to further bans from the community.
  • §1.9 Disturbing any other RP scene is not allowed and will result in punishment.
  • §1.10 No attempting to find any loop holes with the rules.
  • §1.11 Don't not abuse any glitches/script issues or similar on the server.
  • §1.12 No RDM (Random Death Match) allowed at anytime. If you kill someone, you must RP it! RDM on GTA Online, not here!
  • §1.13 Attempting to overload/ crash or lag the server is not allowed! This includes constant spawning of new vehicles, peds or props.
  • §1.14 Using voice changers is not allowed on the server at any time.
  • §1.15 Always remove previous vehicles when not in use or when you spawn a new one.

Police & Similar Position Rules:

  • §2 Ensure you follow the correct UK procedures for Police, EMS etc.
  • §2.1 Follow all road traffic laws.
  • §2.2 Use the correct vehicle type for each RP's & Callouts. Use of incorrect vehicles may result in a kick.
  • §2.3 Shooting from vehicles is not permitted at any time.
  • §2.4 Excessively modifying vehicles is not allowed as it ruins realism.
  • §2.5 No excessively repairing or spawning new vehicles.
  • §2.6 Ensure you cancel speed zones after use.
  • §2.7 Ensure any cones or obstacles are removed after use.v
  • §2.8 Only stingers may be used to puncture tyres. Stingers must be removed after use.
  • §2.9 Only official talk (RTO) is permitted over the Police Radio. Do not use the radio to generally talk e.g. "What ya 'ad for dinner?".
  • §2.10 Self assigning yourself to calls is not permitted when we have an official dispatch active (Met Control).
  • §2.11 Please ensure you DO NOT talk over each other while using Police Radio. Even is you have a scene going on, you must not under any circumstances speak over another player.
  • §2.12 As police, you must not shoot another officer unless an immediate threat is present.
  • §2.13 If a civ dies during an RP, You must mark them as "Person is deceased" on the CAD system. *(If the civ character is registered on the CAD)*
  • §2.14 Only attend police scenes you've been called to. Do not just "appear" at every call.
  • §2.15 CTSFO is not permitted unless you have permission from staff to be this position.

Civilian Rules:

  • §3.0 Always use realistic vehicles for RP's.
  • §3.1 If you are cuffed by an officer, don't always run away from the scene.
  • §3.2 No using unrealistic vehicles during pursuits. This includes over modifying a vehicle.
  • §3.3 No repairing your vehicles while doing an RP. Call for a mechanic.
  • §3.4 Spamming /999 command to get attention is not permitted and may result in a kick.
  • §3.5 While doing an RP, You are not authorized to respawn new vehicles, you must RP it out.
  • §3.6 No repeating the same style of RP to often, its boring. Be creative!
  • §3.7 Don't shoot at any helicopters, including emergency e.g.(NPAS & Helimed)
  • §3.8 NO Terrorism rp are allowed (Mass killing, bombs, mass gang killings etc.) unless approved by management first. Please open a server support ticket to pre-arrange this.
  • §3.9 Do not go out of your way to be stopped by police. (Cop Baiting) e.g. Constant driving around the police station.
  • §3.10 If your character has passed away due to an RP scene. Do not use them again. You can't revive as their ghost either.
  • §3.11 You may not do "failed to stop"/ "pursuits" unless you have a legitimate reason behind the fail to stop.
  • §3.12 You may only carry weapons which you could realistically carry, anything bigger than a micro SMG should be in a duffle bag or vehicle.
  • §3.13 Street races including multiple vehicles are not allowed.