AxielPD Server Guide

AxielPD - Server Guide:

Below you will find all commands, FAQ, key-binds and more to enable you to use the server to your full potential. Of course if you have any questions about AxielPD feel free to ask! We're happy to help.

Key-Bindings/ Controls:

  • [M] - Open main menu (vMenu) to spawn vehicles, change settings etc.
  • [F11] - Open FivePD menu. Used for going on duty, calling for backup & more.
  • [Z] - Call for backup from other units to respond.
  • [G] - Opens dispatch menu to call for AI assistance e.g. tow truck, coroner etc.
  • [F5] - Opens scene object menu to get cones, barriers & more.
  • [F6] - Opens Police radio menu.
  • [F7] - Turns on Police radio.
  • [`] - Push to talk key for speaking on Police radio.
  • [X] - Opens the menu to search peds & more.
  • [LSHIFT] - Initiates a traffic stop with the AI vehicle in front of you. Hold for more than 3 seconds to then cancel the stop if required.
  • [B] - Opens the Police computer when sat in a Police vehicle to view callouts, create reports, citations & more.
  • [BKSPACE] - Toggles hazard warning lights in a vehicle.
  • [Q] - Toggle emergency lights on a vehicle.
  • [K] - Toggle rear red lights on a vehicle (Not all emergency vehicles have this).
  • [L] - Toggle auxiliary lights on a vehicle.
  • [ALT] - Toggle sirens on emergency vehicles.
  • [1],[2],[3],[4] - Toggle between siren tones on emergency vehicles.
  • [E] - Sound vehicle horn.
  • [ALT] & [UP] - Remove stinger spike strips.

In-game commands:

  • /999 {message} - Toggles a 999 call displaying your message. Ideal for starting an RP scene.
  • /setspikes {number} - Used to set a stinger at the length you input. Any number between 1 to 5
  • /anpr - Toggles ANPR system for police vehicles to track pinged vehicles.
  • /setplateinfo {plate number} : {Markers} - Sets information for a certain number plate. (Can only be used after ANPR is enabled)
  • /setvehinfo {Markers} - Sets markers on your civ vehicle. This will then notify Police when you drive past an ANPR camera.
  • /me {message} - Used to type an action in chat for example "DJChicken grabs a bag".
  • /ooc {message} - Used to type an out of character message.
  • /fdv - Deletes the vehicle you're sat in or closest to.
  • /emotemenu - Opens the emotes menu.
  • /e {emote name} - Toggles a specific emote defined by the name you input.

Frequestly Asked Questions:

  • Q. It says im not whitelisted to join but I am, how do I join? Usually this is just an issue with discord connecting to FiveM. Simply restart your FiveM Client to fix.
  • Q. How do I make a suggestion? Use the command !!suggestion {message} in the suggestions channel in discord. Be sure to mention its a suggestion for FiveM.
  • Q. How do I make my own FiveM server? Google it!
  • Q. How many people are on the server? You can check this by going to the FiveM page on this website or by looking at the #fivem-status channel in discord.
  • Q. What discord voice chat should I use? We recommend using the Gaming Lounge channel when playing AxielPD. It makes communicating easier with other players.