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Our Team

These wonderful people keep the running of Axiel Gaming going everyday without fail! Without the staff we wouldn’t be where we are today. Why not find out a bit of information about them below!



As manager of Axiel Gaming I over see all of the day to day running of the community whilst having fun with everyone in the discord. I'm always just a DM away and will do my upmost best to keep the community running how the community wants!

English Rose


My name is English Rose. I will help out with Axiel Gaming where ever I can and will also assist with any problems or issues you may have. If you need me, just ask.

DJ Stewart

Community Manager

Description Coming Soon!


Media Team Leader

Making sure everyone on the media team does their job and moderating the discord. Taker of photos. Want ban?

Smelly Doggo


All I have to say really... I smell! I'm also part of the VTC CC Team so will help keep the convoys on track for ultimate fun!

Little Nugget


I'm NUGGETTTTTTT! I'm part of the operations team & convoy control team!

DJ Hunter

Community Consultant/Partnership Manager

Hello, I'm DJ Hunter and I manage all of the partnerships and sponsors here at Axiel Gaming.



Hey I'm Alex.. I'm Good at making pasta, anything else you wanna ask me, Slide into ma DMs Eyitzalex#7686



I'm inclusive. I'm usually hiding in my cave secretly coding new things to bring to our bot and lots of other cool things!



Hey Guys! My name is wolf! I develop the Minecraft server to make it as fun as possible! Will always do my best to help if you're stuck, want to add things the the server message me and I'll see if it can happen.


Community Moderator

I'm Courbieee and I will moderate chats and basically help where I can within the community. If you ever have any questions, I will happy help you out!


Community Moderator

Hey i'm Matt. I'm one of the Moderator's for Axiel Gaming Community. I'm helpful and friendly so if u need anything don't hesitate to ask.


Community Moderator

Hey I'm Bhagyesh and I'm one of the Community Moderator's for Axiel Gaming and I'll Moderate the chats and help those who have problem in the community. I'm helpful and friendly so If you have any problem tell me, don't hesitate to ask. I'll try my best to happily help you out!!

Geology Rocks

Community Moderator

Hi I’m Geology Rocks but everyone calls me Geo and I’m a moderator here at Axiel. I will happily help with anything and if you have a science question come and ask me.


Media Team

Hey I’m Explosion 20, I’m into media, photography and love nothing more than sitting and editing a good video. I’m also convoy control and part of the media team to make sure convoys run smoothly. Make sure to check out my YouTube channel.

Vinyl Scratch

Community Moderator

Description Coming Soon!

Dav Nav™

Media Team

The elusive DavNav™ doesn't always do things instantly but the job always seems to get done.


Convoy Control

Hey I'm Diamond, I am a member of CC, I will keep the convoys running like a well-oiled machine for the best experience, I can also help with other stuff if you shoot me a DM

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