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Axiel Gaming - Social Partners

Growing the Axiel Gaming community is a key task we love to do here a Axiel however helping creators to expand their viewing audience is also what we try to help grow here. We will partner with creators on YouTube & Twitch in aim to help them grow with us.


YouTube is a fast growing social media platform in which creators actively share their content to an audience worldwide. Axiel Gaming aims to help YouTube creators grow their audience to ensure their content gets more and more views.


Twitch is a platform in which creators create their content in the form of a live stream. The creator can then interact with their audience live and within Axiel we will help promote their live creations to grow their viewing audience as much as we can.

Twitch Partners


YouTube Partners

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What can Axiel Gaming Social Supporter Scheme provide for you?

  • Advertising in discord each time you go live or post a video
  • Social Partner roles in discord
  • Advertising on the Axiel Gaming website