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Axiel Haulage

Delivering across the globe, Axiel Haulage is the perfect division for ETS2 & ATS lovers with a passion for realistic trucking. Our custom mods make the experience even more awesome for anyone!


In our haulage division we have many great features and were the first to implement them! We are relaxed so you don’t need to stress by logging a certain amount of loads per week. We have custom mods and a very easy to use software system in place. All drivers also earn virtual economy which can be spent to buy virtual items which show on your profile! All of this adds more realistic aspects to ETS2 & ATS.


We love to participate in many events within ATS & ETS2. We book in for most TMP Charity events truckfest slots. Helping charity is a key element to our caring community. Our operations team plan weekly convoys and at the end of each month we help and join EuroTruckRadio with their monthly convoy as we are their official VTC.


The only limit at Axiel Haulage is is the road! We don’t expect you to deliver a certain amount of loads or attend every event or convoy! We believe that your real life comes first and we don’t want to take the fun from trucking with friends!


Within the haulage division we have an operations team which plan weekly convoy routes in ETS2 and ATS Convoys every 2 weeks. These convoys are fully provided with a lead and rear truck. Media team are also on hand to get superb pictures and videos for everyone to watch whenever!


TruckSimFM is an online radio station which is also a default station in both Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator. We were approached by TSFM and were asked if we would like to partner and become the official VTC for them. We accepted the offer and this is a key part of us here. Just because we are partnered, we don’t force you to listen to them.

Custom Modifications

All of these mods are downloadable via the steam workshop with custom driver only mods coming soon!

Application Process

The quick and easy application forms show us what you’re like as a driver on the roads. We never judge you buy just an application form!

When we take a look at your application, we will either run you through the setup in a voice or text chat depending on what you prefer!