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Axiel Farming

Ploughing fields, sowing seeds, rearing cows all on Axiel Farms. The relaxed style of running allows our farmers to enjoy what they do!

Our Dedicated Servers

We want to provide the very best for our members here at Axiel Farming, this is why we have our own dedicated FS19 server ready for you!

Our farm is managed professionally and allow you to farm realistically without any harsh deadlines or expectations.

So what are you waiting for? Join today!

Join our discord to start your farming career!


To make the simulation more realistic with Axiel Farms, we provide custom mods for our farmers with our name on certain vehicles just like real life.

Thanks to Supporters, we can provide our farmers with a super fast, lag free server that is always online so you can plough that field when you want! Our relaxed farming style is what make us different from the rest!

Thanks to our amazing community lots of knowledgeable members can happily answer any questions you may have about Farming Simulator 19!


Axiel farm is just so chilled. All of our farmers are having so much fun and always laughing while they work the fields. The vibe of the farm is just so welcoming which is why we are proud to have our own FS19 server for this amazing community!

DJ Chicken



So... What are you waiting for?