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Axiel Craft

Our Minecraft server is the place for all Minecraft fans to play in one place with an amazing community. With Survival, Creative and more, there is always something for you get involved with.

Our staff try their very best to ensure that we have all of the features you want. They will always help and ensure everyone is enjoying their time. Take a look at these features…


Our servers are designed perfectly to suit the players of Minecraft to allow them to choose what style of game play they want. This can be survival, creative or mini-games.​

The Minecraft network is running on a state of the art host with 100% up time. This will mean there will be uninterrupted game play!​ With full security in place to ensure we don’t get unplanned downtime!

We will be hosting events on different servers every few months. These will be in the Survival, Creative and more so stay tuned for that!

"Axiel Craft is the new way of playing Minecraft with your friends! We don't provide just a basic server like others, with our custom features and styles its a great way on involving the community within Minecraft!"
Kevin Reilly

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Come and join us at Axiel Craft! 


Coming Soon...

Various mini games will be added to the Axiel Craft network.

We would also love to know what you want added and our team will do their very best to implement it